I’m probably not going to DebConf12

Published by Jon on June 15th, 2012 in Debian

For two years I have been very fortunate indeed to be fully sponsored for travel and accommodation at DebConf – once on the Newbies programme, and once from normal funds. However, considering the cost this year (at least $1,000 in travel expenses) and of personal circumstances, which are not favourable, I am reliant on sponsorship this year even more than others.

However, although I have accommodation sponsorship this year I am still waiting to hear about travel. The local team have said they hope to provide details by 20th June, but it’s really too late by then – there is time off from work to arrange, flight tickets to purchase, vaccinations to have, and of course I could really do with not having to lay out that much money in the first place, even if it’s to be reimbursed later.

So at this stage at least, I am sad to say that I think it unlikely I will be there. I’m looking forward to Switzerland though; this time there might be two of us.

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One Response to “I’m probably not going to DebConf12”

  1. Gunnar Says:

    Oh, hold please a day, two max, before deciding!

    I am not part of the travel sponsorship team – But I know they were making their best to send out the first batch of results now.