Ten Tears

I cried ten tears for you tonight. One for the smile you helped me to wear Two for the letters we learned how to share Three for the images you left in my heart Four for the moments that we had to part Five for the times when I knew you were there Six for…


I’ve spent the evening playing with colour, light and the self: (into the light from over my shoulder, hand-held, late afternoon) (into the light again, from the kitchen into the back garden, on the timer, early evening)

Regaining my independence

I’m finally picking up the car tonight, after waiting since the beginning of the year to be earning enough. It’s a red Citroen AX, and it’s nearly as old as me, but I’m assured it still goes. I’ll post some proper photos when I get it home.


Normality is a perfection we strive to create based on events of the past which have no meaning in the future.