We are proud to announce that dak, the Debian Archive Kit, has been replaced by a neural network for processing package uploads and other archive maintenance. All FTP masters and assistants have been re-deployed to concentrate on managing neuraldak. neuraldak is an advanced machine learning algorithm which has been taught about appropriate uploads, can write…

Daisy and George’s Corfian Holiday

Daisy and George have worked hard all year being diplomats in Arabia, helping test Debian CDs and writing best-selling books. They deserve a holiday! This resort is beautiful. There’s no shortage of food and drink on the menu at dinner. Daisy has been enjoying sampling the local cocktails. George is determined to get the hang…



Daisy and George at Debian’s Conference Dinner

Daisy and George have spent the week at the Debian Conference. Tonight is the conference dinner. The menu is more complicated than usual, because it is in both Portuguese and English. Daisy and George have made many friends this week. Dinner is over. It’s time for some serious work.

Too close?

At times of stress I’m prone to topical nightmares, but they are usually fairly mundane – last night, for example, I dreamed that I’d mixed up bullseye and bookworm in one of the announcements of future code names. But Saturday night was a whole different game. Imagine taking a rucksack out of the cupboard under…

Daisy and George Help Debian

Daisy and George have decided to get stuck into testing images for #ReleasingDebianBuster. George is driving the keyboard while Daisy takes notes about their test results. This test looks like a success. Next!

Testing in Teams

The Debian CD images are subjected to a battery of tests before release, even more so when the release is a major new version. Debian has volunteers all over the world testing images as they come off the production line, but it can be a lonely task. Getting together in a group and having a…

What to expect on buster release day

The ‘buster’ release day is today! This is mostly a re-hash of previous checklists, since we’ve done this a few times now and we have a pretty good rhythm. There have been some preparations going on in advance: Last week we imposed a “quiet period” on migrations. That’s about as frozen as we can get;…

RC candidate of the day (5)

Sometimes the list of release-critical bugs is overwhelming, and it’s hard to find something to tackle. In #929269 we find that coturn always overwrites its database with a blank file during upgrades. It should probably be created once and not shipped as part of the package.