Debian Family

Last week tragedy struck, and I saw the very best of the Debian community at work.

I heard first hand testimony about how helpless so many people felt at being physically unable to help their friend. I heard about how they couldn’t bear to leave and had to be ushered away to make space for rescue services to do their work. I heard of those who continued the search with private divers, even after the official rescue was called off.

I saw the shock and grief which engulfed everybody who I saw that night and in the following days. I watched friends comfort each other when it became too much. I read the messages we wrote in memory and smiled at how they described the person I’d only just started to know.

When I felt angry, and helpless, and frustrated that I couldn’t do more, the people around me caught me, comforted me, and cared for me.

Debian, you are like family and nobody can claim otherwise. You bicker and argue about the silliest things and sometimes it feels like we’ll never get past them. But when it comes to simple human compassion for each other, you always surprise me with your ability to care.