RC candidate of the day (2)

Sometimes the list of release-critical bugs is overwhelming, and it’s hard to find something to tackle. Today’s invitation is to review and perhaps upload the patch included in bug #928883.

RC candidate of the day (1)

Sometimes the list of release-critical bugs is overwhelming, and it’s hard to find something to tackle. So I invite you to have a go at #928040, which may only be a case of reviewing and uploading the included patch.

Behind the scenes

“Paradoxically, government is more open when it is less open. Open Government is rather like the live theatre: the audience gets a performance. And it gives a response. But, like the theatre, in order to have something to show openly there must first be much hidden activity. And all sorts of things have to be…

Daisy and George got passports

For readers of Planet Debian who met Daisy and George in July: they now have their own passports (and more adventure books in the works).

DebCamp report 2018

Being only here for one full day of DebCamp this year, I had not planned to do very much anyway. But it’s still been of benefit: amongst other things, Enrico and I held the traditionally impromptu maybe-annual meeting of Debian Account Managers. We dealt with some outstanding business as well as sketching out a change…

What to expect on Debian release day

Nearly two years ago I wrote about what to expect on Jessie release day. Shockingly enough, the process for Stretch to be released should be almost identical.

Reflecting on a year of regular, public IRC meetings

The release team first started holding a regular, public planning and status meeting a little over a year ago, in September 2015. At that time, FTP masters had experimented along similar lines and I took some inspiration from that, including the keeping of proper minutes that anyone can look at. I wanted to open up…

What to expect on Jessie release day

Release day is a nerve-wracking time for several teams. Happily we’ve done it a few times now*, so we have a rough idea of how the process should go. There have been some preparations going on in advance: Last week we imposed a “quiet period” on migrations. That’s about as frozen as we can get;…

Jessie Countdown: 1

One further contributor became a non-uploading Debian Developer in 2015, joining 11 others who achieved that status its introduction in 2010. Non-uploading developers are really important to our project. They’re a recognition of the invaluable work that contributors do which doesn’t involve packaging, for which they may not have the skill nor inclination. Nevertheless we…

Jessie Countdown: 2

Two years, give or take a few weeks, is roughly the time required to prepare a new stable release since Sarge in 2005 (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debian#Release_timeline). A Spring release has also been a pretty stable pattern during that time. Debian often has a reputation for being very slow to release (in terms of cadence), or for freezes…