WordPress in a subdirectory

For many years now I’ve had WordPress installed as a subdirectory to my site but appearing to at the domain level, i.e. /wordpress/index.php is transparently presented as the homepage. This is done by setting the “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” settings and then mapping requests which do not match an existing file or directory through…

Reinstalling at arm’s length

Recently I had need to re-purpose a server and for convenience, I decided to do a complete wipe and reinstall since it had previously been used for all sorts of package testing, experiments, dak debugging, the list goes on. I took a careful backup and then cooked up some USB installation media, but it took so long to boot (USB1.1, yay) I ran out of time before the building was locked.

Since this box has two hard disks, and not being one to back down from a challenge, I eventually reinstalled it over the weekend with nothing – no install media, no reinstall robot or intelligent hands – just a reliable internet connection and a healthy dose of courage. Here’s how.

Dovecot, Lighttpd and SSL certificate renewals

This is a mental note really, since my certificates last two years and I’ve always forgotten what to do about it. Generate a new request:openssl req -new -key <keyfile> -out <csrfile>StartSSL throw away all properties of the request except the key, so any answers will do. Re-use the request you sent last time (thanks Noel)….

Batch importing caff signatures

Having swapped details with many, many people at Debconf, and then been away for a week after that, I found myself with an overflowing mailbox and a long task of “open mail, provide pass-phrase, pipe to gpg –import“. I wanted a way to batch-import all these signatures (there are three times as many, because my…