This time we didn’t escape it, and this time it was fairly spectacular. It snowed from about 07:00 to about 16:00 – 6-7 inches in the end, depending where it’s measured.

The Post-it Door

These are from November 2007 (I’ve been very lazy about processing them lately) at 18mm/f3.5. They’re literally straight from the camera; I haven’t touched them at all, since I’m on the road.


We camped again this week, for probably the last time until next year. It’s just too chilly at night now, and the evenings don’t last long enough to be worth it. Still, we had only a little rain and two very beautiful days, and it was too good an opportunity to miss. Sometimes I surprise…


I’ve spent the evening playing with colour, light and the self: (into the light from over my shoulder, hand-held, late afternoon) (into the light again, from the kitchen into the back garden, on the timer, early evening)

The Beast

No, not the one that lurks within. It’s the new camera.