Getting stuck into RC bugs

Now that it’s much more convenient for me to do NMUs, and simultaneously there a handful of bugs that I can actually deal with, I guess it’s about time I got stuck into some RC bugs.

Here’s my (rather modest) list of fixes for Squeeze the past few days:

  • #606298 (deal.ii): can’t be reproduced by two of us; closed
  • #606657 (wordpress): new upstream release is a targetted fix, so applied and uploaded to DELAYED/5
    (maintainer made a proper upload shortly after)
  • #606386 (cakephp): applied patch from upstream and uploaded to DELAYED/2
  • #606293 (hol88): reverted the build-dependency bump on gcl and uploaded to DELAYED/5

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  1. Neil McGovern says:

    We’re in a permanent BSP, so you can use DELAYED/0 if you want 🙂

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