iptables-persistent overhaul

A couple of weeks ago I finally got round to doing some major surgery on iptables-persistent.

First of all it is principally now called netfilter-persistent (although the source package hasn’t been renamed) and has a plugin architecture so that it can be extended by other packages. One of those packages is iptables-persistent; others may follow. This opens the way to fixing #662743 and #697088 (patches always welcome).

There’s also a new binary to handle loading/unloading of rules, instead of having all the logic in an init script. I was therefore able to add systemd support as a first-class unit, and I’d appreciate patches for an Upstart service (as I’m largely unfamiliar with it).

Plugins are simply dropped into /usr/share/netfilter-persistent/plugins.d and must follow certain minimum conventions, detailed in netfilter-persistent(1). They can be any executable, so compiled or interpreted binaries are acceptable.

This release finally gets the magic 1.0 identifier. It reaches Jessie today, and is already in Ubuntu Utopic.


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  1. Ben Kibbey says:

    What would be neat to have are interface specific rules that are add/removed upon device up/down. I use something similar in /etc/network/if-up/down.d to do this but its ugly.

    The ordering of the adding of rules would be needed and also maybe a magic string for each rule to know if it is to be removed (-m comment module for iptables, amybe) when the interface goes down.

    Or maybe there is already something that does this?

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