Tube in a Day

For some reason, I’ve decided that gallivanting around the London Underground for the day one Saturday is a fine way to raise money for a local children’s hospice. You’d make my day by supporting us – we aren’t deducting expenses from pledges, so there’s no penalty to the charity for our travel.

We’re going to run a modified version of the Guinness-recognised Tube Challenge starting about 05:15 (modified to allow for unavoidable maintenance works; we don’t have the luxury of being able to pick a day when that’s not going to be a problem) and likely finishing about midnight.

I’m also interested to hear ideas for some kind of micro-blogging platform that we can update on the move, preferably presenting in stream format and with an Android-friendly site/app that can cope with uploading a photo smoothly. Not Twitter or Facebook; it’ll probably be a short-lived account. I don’t want to part with personal information and I want to be able to throw it away afterwards. Suggestions?