Still the same old me

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve finally made the transition from a collection of disparate elements into one, cohesive home. Or something.

At any rate, it makes a change to update in a browser instead of a text editor, and infinitely easier. But it’s a case of sacrificing control for convenience, and perhaps in six months time I’ll have changed my mind again.

The poetry is here, under the self-explanatory category – only the poetry though, not the extra snippets or song lyrics or other material of questionable status. The dates on each post should be reasonably accurate (with the exception of very early work, for which I have no date). I also haven’t transferred the old comments; there’s not a lot of point right now, and I’m disinclined to put very much effort into it in any case.

I haven’t moved the old journal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s something that I’m not publishing unless you want to go to the lengths of finding it; it’s my own record of things that need to stay that way. This is more a proper weblog Snowthan a journal, and I’m quite happy with the arrangement.

There’s room for my photography work now, which I’m gradually expanding – it’s something I want to make more serious. Feel free to hire me – I’m desperately poor. It’s really a hobby, since I don’t have access to any other lenses at the moment, but I’d love to do it semi-pro. School is a perfect place to practice – plenty of events worth covering and no end of subjects to work on.

If you want to keep up – not that there’s much to keep up with – there’s a RSS subscription now, another of the benifits of not having to do all the work myself. It’s in the sidebar on the left.