I seem to spend my life in transit, flitting from place to place like a seasoned traveller
Watching the towns and cities fly past my window as we hum through towns
And pre-recorded announcements tell me where I just departed from
I see but I fail to observe, because I’m on my own without her

And now dusk starts to fall and the streetlights glow orange
As we plunge deeper and deeper into the countryside
Whilst the rest of the world moves around me
While I sit in my tube of light and noise

The hum, drum of machinery

Waiting for the next station
Waiting for life to resume
Waiting to see her again

Because if you wait for me, I will arrive at last
Finish my wandering and find you instead
My heart longs for comfort, to hold you again
To hug you and kiss you and protect you

All my dreams come true when I’m with you
Can you hold on that little bit longer?

My heart won’t wander.

I promise I’ll be home soon.