Ten Tears

I cried ten tears for you tonight. One for the smile you helped me to wear Two for the letters we learned how to share Three for the images you left in my heart Four for the moments that we had to part Five for the times when I knew you were there Six for…

Calling You

I waited for you, but you never saw I called for you, but you never heard I tried so hard, so long to find you Now I wonder if you were ever there.


You came into my world a friend And you left it marked with regret There are so many things I wish Most of all, that we’d made it

Fresh Start

What’s this power you have over me? I can’t sleep for thinking of you, Even though I never thought I could feel it again. I think I’ve fallen in love

There’s a light A sparkle A glimmer Just a pin-point But there even so


I wait in vain, To hear your voice. But I’m afraid to call Because I know you won’t stay. How can you promise to love me forever Then disappear without a trace? Why must it always end this way – Can’t you look at me without regret?


What if I weren’t here any more? What if I couldn’t ever see you? Would you even notice I was gone? Would you miss me at all?


I seem to spend my life in transit, flitting from place to place like a seasoned traveller Watching the towns and cities fly past my window as we hum through towns And pre-recorded announcements tell me where I just departed from I see but I fail to observe, because I’m on my own without her

I remember that day you lay on my shoulder And suddenly all the world was right Because finally, you trusted me enough To let me take hold of your heart.

Thoughts of a troubled mind

I found you on a beach once. Such a perfect cone of creamy white A corkscrew entwined with itself Half buried in the shingles of Llanelli And such a gentle sparkle as I passed