I wait in vain,
To hear your voice.
But I’m afraid to call
Because I know you won’t stay.

How can you promise to love me forever
Then disappear without a trace?
Why must it always end this way –
Can’t you look at me without regret?

I gave you my most precious possession
My trust, my love and my affection.
But you stole my heart and ran away
How can I ever trust again?

So many questions I want to ask
And so very few answers I want to hear.
What did I do, or maybe I didn’t?
To make your love fade away so?

I’m afraid to sleep, I’m afraid of the visions
Of what we had and what we might have found.
The dreams can only be that, a hope
The hope that perhaps you might turn around.

But no matter how much I sit by the phone
Or try to reach you through my thoughts
I may as well not have existed
For all the times I can’t persuade you.

There’s a part of me that’s gone with you,
And an aching loss it seems I’ve acquired
I don’t think I could ever find words
To tell how much you meant to me.

My heart cries out for the sound of your voice
My soul would forgive the hurt and the pain
But there’s nothing I can do, to make you see
Except to sit here and let tears run free.

I wish I could understand
Why you found you had to go
At least then I could start to move on
But without you here, I guess I’ll never know.

You were my joy, my inspiration
You were my whole whole world,
You were the reason I got up in the morning
You made my days complete.

And now, where can I find you?

Only in my sleep.